Jack Runyan

Dear LeatherLyke,

I own a 2006 Star (Yamaha) V-Star 650 Classic. I have modified, tricked-out, & customized the bike in the "old school" fashion so that it is hard to even tell that it's a Yamaha.

To a large extent, my LeatherLyke Cross Country Traditional Bags with studs, and chonchos contributes to the bike's unique retro appearance. Last Sunday, September 28, 2008, my wife and I decided to ride from our home in McAllen, Tx down to South Padre Island for a short day trip.

I had the bags off of the bike, so I needed to place them back on so we could carry all of our "stuff" on the trip. In the hurry to put the bags on the bike and get them loaded with our gear, I somehow got distracted and never places the retainer clips on the support studs on the left saddle bag. We loaded the bags and were off...

We were cruising on Highway 83 at 65 to 70 mph when I heard a "thunk" & a sound like plastic sliding on asphalt (DUH). I leaned back and asked my wife "What was that?" "Your left saddle bag!", she replied. We were in the middle of a three lane highway in very congested traffic moving at 65-70 mph. By the time I could pull over to the outside lane to get to the shoulder we were already too far away from the bag to run back and get it. So, I decided to go to the next exit and circle back under the freeway. By the time we got back to the bag, it was sitting on the shoulder of the road, and looked pretty battered as we approached it.

My wife's purse was in the bag, with all of her important identification, credit cards, keys, etc. The LeatherLyke bag was torn up almost beyond recognition. The chonchos had been torn off, there were several tire tracks right down the center of the side of the bag and the bag had broken open at the corners. But, remarkably, it remained locked!!! Even more astonishing, everything was still in the bag & unscathed! We both had a pair of prescription sun glasses and a set of binoculars in the bag and they didn't even have a scratch!

I can't say enough good things about your LeatherLyke bags. Several members of my MC have already purchased LeatherLykes because they were impressed with the fact that the bags can be locked. I already had confidence in the durability of the bags because, on more than one occasion, I have dropped my bike and the LeatherLykes WERE the engine guard... But I never expected them to protect my gear this well. Sure, I'm out a bag and will have to get a new set, but you have a dedicated customer and endorsement. I've already told my wife what I want for Christmas...

Jack Runyan