Why Us?

Each of our bags is hand-crafted with only the finest materials available. From the distinctive black shells to custom chrome hardware, each piece is assembled by hand in our 30,000 square foot production plant.

Our saddlebags are made from two types of ABS plastic and are co-extruded into one piece. The bottom layer is a structural ABS that provides rigidity and strength. The top layer is our beautiful LeatherLyke™ laminate, giving you the beauty and feel of leather, but with greater strength and durability. Our materials are created expressly for use in our saddlebags, so no other manufacturer in the world can duplicate the strength and beauty of LeatherLyke™ saddlebags.

Since all bikes aren't the same, neither are our saddlebags. If you have a commuter bike like a Sportster or a mid-size bike, our Cruiser saddlebags fit the bill. And our most recent addition to the LeatherLyke line are our Cross Country saddlebags. Unlike other saddlebags sold today, we don't use adapters or other tricks to attach your saddlebags. Each saddlebag is custom formed so it will fit your bike perfectly.

The last thing you need in motorcycle luggage is complicated, time-consuming installation or removal. Our bags clip on and off in a flash. Saddlebags attach with four support studs inserted into existing holes on the motorcycle. Spring retainer clips on the inside secure bags in place. No auxiliary saddlebag supports are required for LeatherLyke™ products. Basic turn signal relocation kits are provided if required.

Leatherlyke™ products are specifically designed by motorcycle enthusiasts to look great on cruisers and low riders. And they're entirely made in the USA. Our Saddlebags complement any bike. They'll look great and do the job for years to come.